Spain is currently the third largest beer producer in Europe (behind Germany & UK), with the majority of beer produced by the giant brewers such as Mahou, San Miguel, Estrella Damm and Cruzcampo.

Archaeologists have recently unearthed brewing artifacts outside of barcelona dating back 6,400 years. A pottery shard which was found to have traces of oxalate and barley-corn phytoliths means that beer was held in that pottery vessel, and its advance age makes it the oldest beer remains ever discovered in Europe!

Considering Spain’s strong history in food and wine, the lack of historic brewing tradition allows contemporary brewers much more freedom to experiment. Thus an highly personal craft beer movement is slowly emerging in Spain, where brewers are creating products that are not only tasty, but also speak to the distinctly Spanish palate. While wine still reigns supreme, seeking out cerveza artesana (artisanal beer) is a great way to explore new regional flavours.

The Craft Beer Tour & Tasting is an option on our Ronda Wine Tour, as well as Malaga Wine Tour.