'Vintage Collection' is a prestige tasting service, reserved for the finest of wines.

Vintage Collection tastings are meticulously personalised around your area of interest and conducted by a specialist for the wines that you will be tasting.

The tasting of a lifetime.

“Vintage Collection” is a masterfully curated wine tasting of the finest wines.

From Screaming Eagle to a vertical tasting of Petrus, our wine tasting service can deliver a tasting of a lifetime.



Vintage MS.

Vintage MS is a highly bespoke wine tasting service, either for wine from your own cellar, or delivered to your door, but both tailored and hosted by a qualified Master-level Sommelier.

The attention to detail will not only cover the intensive tasting, but will extend to the specially pre-planned food pairing as well, which can be collaborated with your chef, or external catering company.


Featured Vintage Collection.

Our Vintage Collection of fine wines can include wines in any style, and from any region. Our access to an extensive network of wine dealers can even track down specific rare vintages, all with mandatory official provenance.

Taste Rioja, Ribera and Priorat

Vintage Spain


The Vintage Spain Collection focuses on three superstar wines from three of Spain’s most important regions, Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Priorat.

Dominio de Pingus, Pingus.
Álvaro Palacios, L’Ermita.
Palacios Remondo, Quiñón de Valmira.


Vintage Pingus


The Vintage Pingus Collection is a vertical tasting of various important vintages of Dominio de Pingus, perhaps Spain’s most respected winery. These pure Tempranillo wines show amazing richness yet remain fresh, balanced and very drinkable.

Dominio de Pingus, Pingus (2015).
Dominio de Pingus, Pingus (2012)
Dominio de Pingus, Pingus (2009).

Petrus Luxury Wine Tasting

Vintage MS


The Vintage MS Collection is a highly bespoke, and personalised tasting tailored around your request, whether it be a tasting of fine wine from your own cellar, or even a vertical tasting of Petrus. Every Vintage MS tasting designed and hosted by a master-level sommelier and specialist in the specific wine, winery or region.

Bespoke Service

Enquire about a Vintage Collection tasting of a lifetime.

Our tasting platform is currently in beta, however you are welcome to make an enquiry and a representative will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


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