Jerez Sherry & Wine Tour

Jerez Wine Tour

Our Jerez wine tour visits one of the older classic sherry cellars as well as visit, tour and tasting at a strikingly modern red wine cellar surrounded by hectares of vineyards, and producing the best red, white and rose wines of the region. Definitely NOT your Grandma's Sherry Tour...

Sherry’s magnificence comes from the fact that "true Sherry" can only be made in this one tiny corner of the planet. Many cheap imitators across the world have tried to replicate the salty, nutty, and aromatic profile of Sherry, and these are the ones that have tarnished the reputation of Sherry from Jerez. Only the unique winds, humidity, albariza soil and the seasonal changes in Andalucía give a singular character to the wines produced there.

Jerez lies in the so-called "Sherry triangle" that is formed by the cities of Jerez de la Frontera , El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda in the province of Cadiz. Palomino Fino is the primary variety for Sherry wines, and it thrives on the unique "albariza" chalky white soil of the region.

Even though Sherry is currently enjoying both a transformation and a renaissance; becoming drier, fresher (for Finos) and even more complex and matured (for darker styles like Olorosso), the Jerez region is also welcoming a revival of outstanding red and white wines. Whether you want fresh and juicy, smooth and rich, big and powerful, or crisp and elegant white, you're sure to encounter something to suit your taste in Jerez.

The choice of afternoon lunch for our Jerez wine tour varies by group size and cellar, although we do also recommend our own specially prepared menu at a local Jerez restaurant, with a multiple-course lunch carefully paired with a variety of local sherry and wine. 

Duration: All Day (8 Hours)
From: By Arrangement*
Private Tour/By Availability
✔ Doorstep Pickup
✔ New Mercedes Minibus
✔ Cellar Fees Included
✔ Taste 3-4 Wines at Each Cellar
✔ Tasting with Tapas
✔ Meet the Winemakers
✔ Guided Vineyard Tours
✔ Ronda Sightseeing
✔ Optional Vineyard Lunch
✔ Limited to 8 Guests Per Day
*Doorstep pickup from Seville, Jerez or Malaga.
(Larger Groups Arranged Separately)

The soils found in Jerez vineyards can be broken down roughly into three key types. The most important is albariza – a white, light-texted marl composed of clay, calcium and marine fossils. This soil type is particularly valued for its high albedo (the amount of sunlight it reflects back up to the vines), as this helps to ripen the grapes. Under Andalucia's bright summer sun, albariza soils can be blindingly white. Their high moisture retention is also a significant boon, as this corner of Spain endures the hottest temperatures found anywhere on the entire Iberian Peninsula.

The other two soil types are barros and arenas. Barros is high in clay, with a little chalk, and found mostly at the foot of local hills. Arenas means simply sands, and is naturally found in most coastal areas.


Equally important as the soils here is the climate. This is strongly influenced by both the cooling effects of the Atlantic Ocean and the warmth that originates in the eastern plains. The moist coastal winds moderate temperatures – not only assisting in the preservation of vital acidity in the sherry grapes, but also providing natural air-conditioning for local wine cellars. This contributes to a slow and gradual maturation of the wines. The 300 days of sunshine that the region receives on average each year are also important in terms of achieving optimal ripeness for the grapes.

White Soils

Albariza is a fine white chalky soil composed mainly of tiny fossilized sea creatures. This powdery mixture absorbs water like a sponge and dries like cement, which renders the vineyards of Jerez much like moonscapes.

Underwater Wine

Ongoing research suggests that wine aged under water matures more quickly than wine aged on land. Spanish producer Luis Guillermo Pérez from Jerez de la Frontera encased 50 bottles of his 2010 red wine in individual amphorae and sunk them 12m underwater off the Atlantic coast near Conil in 2011. Pleased with the red wine results, he has plans to age some Sherry this way too.

Wine & Horses

The two cellar Jerez tour is a full day tour, including an optional horse show, and ending with our signature typically Spanish afternoon lunch at one of the vineyards.