Craft Beer Tours

Malaga Craft Beer Tours

On our Malaga Craft Beer Tours you visit, tour and taste at breweries across Malaga and Marbella, from artisan craft beer breweries to even the giant San Miguel factory*. Familiarise with the contrasting beer making processes and enjoy tapas pairing with your beer tasting.

Malaga has always been known for seafood and tapas, but the local craft beer scene has literally bubbled over during the last few years. And as a city always open to new trends, it is now possible to combine tapas culture with craft beer in many delicious pairings. However, even with so many new brands entering to the local market, it can still be tricky to find many of these artisanal beers, and even more so to actually visit the breweries and meet the brewmasters themselves!

Breweries visited around Marbella and Malaga produce a variety of beer types, from Pilsner, Pale Ale, Belgian Brown Ale, Wheat Beer to limited varieties such as Barleywine, Belgian Christmas Beer and Red Beer.

*By arrangement, minimum groups apply.

Duration: Half-day*
From: Marbella, Malaga
*Morning or Afternoon
✔ Doorstep pickup
✔ All brewery fees
✔ Tasting with tapas
Craft breweries
San Miguel Brewery

Barrel-aged Beer

When wine is in contact with oak it gains characteristics from the toasted interior of the wooden barrels in order to impart tannins, flavours and other nuances into the liquid.

After a few years these flavours from the barrels eventually get depleted, and the barrel would normally be discarded. However with beer ageing, the brewers aren’t just looking to impart the flavours of the wood, but also the flavours of what used to be in the barrel before. Therefore with each barrel-aged beer beer, you’ll not only be tasting the craftmanship of the brewmaster, but also the faint influence of the original winemaker. Plus it creates some very interesting and delicious beverages.

Lambics and other sour beers have always been aged in wood, and since most barrel-aged beers are usually higher in alcohol, these are perfect for when the weather starts to turn cold outside.


Craft beer involves traditional brewing techniques as well as quality ingredients resulting in a beer style that is unique with a distinctive flavour. Craft brewing is often more expensive as well and also allows flexibility to produce different beer styles, unique to the brewery. Craft beer will also have nuances each time its brewed, making the beer less "brand consistent" than the big breweries. The larger breweries are not in the business of mass producing inconsistent beer.

Beer & Tapas

No craft beer is the same. Each sip of any craft beer not contains the passion and creativity of it's brewer, but in addition it's own unique ingredients. Different craft beers have different flavours, some even for each season. The best part about those great flavours is that you can really get Spanish craft beer to stand out when paired with local tapas!