Think Malaga is only about sweet wine? Think again!

Malaga has long been famous for its tradition of sweet wine, however the region is under a revival thanks to the introduction of full-bodied and sophisticated red wines, as well as rosé and white wines too! The reds being both monovarietal and blends from from grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Tempranillo and Merlot, while the excellent dry (not sweet) whites are produced from mostly Chardonnay. For this reason Malaga is divided into two wine appellations, namely D/O Malaga (which produces traditional sweet wine), and D/O Sierras de Malaga (which produces dry red, white and rosé wines).

On your Malaga Wine Tour to the vineyards of Ronda (belonging to the D/O Sierras de Malaga appellation), you will encounter passionate boutique family cellars with humble roots and fabulous terroir to produce exceptional, full-bodied red wine (along with a few fresh rosés and crisp white wines too). With such wonderful wine, intimate family cellars and splendid scenery, no wonder the Ronda Wine Tour is our most popular option!

The number of wineries (and wine) you want to taste, and the time you wish to spend exploring Ronda old town is entirely up to you as our tour is extremely flexible. Our Ronda Three Cellar Wine Tour is an all day tour focusing on wine, while the One or Two Cellar Tour includes Ronda sightseeing.

Ronda is one of the prettiest towns in Spain, definitely to be included on your Spanish trip

Must See Ronda

When visiting Spain, one should not miss a visit to the historic town of Ronda. Both displaying wonderful Moorish architecture and incredible views over the Tajo Gorge from the Puente Nuevo bridge that joins the Moorish old town and the newer El Mercadillo parts of the city. And, of course, not forgetting the famous Ronda Bullring – the birthplace of modern bullfighting in Spain.


Great day trip! What a lovely day in Spain! We arranged a visit to three cellars with a stop in Ronda for our group of sixteen friends. Vanessa was very helpful in making arrangements for our large group, accommodating dietary restrictions, and tailoring the itinerary to our wishes. Kelly picked us up right on time in a Mercedes minibus outside the cruise terminal.TripAdvisor
Wine tours in Spain visiting boutique vineyards

The Wine

Ronda is in fact and ancient wine region, with evidence of winemaking for many millennia from Phoenician and Roman times. Today the boutique wineries produce mostly red wines from a variety of grapes all at an elevation higher than 750m above sea level that proves elevation matters.

Here you can sample acclaimed monovarietal reds and red blends from grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache, Petit Verdot and others, as well as organic and even natural and sulphite-free wines too! During the heat of summer, chilled rosé and fresh whites are also popular tasting choices.




Joaquin the winemaker, preparing the vineyard lunch on the Malaga Wine Tour to Ronda

Vineyard Lunch.

Apart from the generous tapas servings at each tasting, various lunch options are possible with our Tannin Trail Tours. Stay in touch on Instagram to follow our seasonal choices!


Spend time exploring Ronda old town with our printed sightseeing guide

Insider Tips.

Your visit to Ronda is accompanied by our Ronda Essentials Map and insider tips for the best viewpoints, sights, coffee shops, secret corners and restaurants. We can even arrange a wine pairing lunch reservation at one our favourite restaurants.

Ronda wine tasting on a Spanish Wine Tour


Ronda wineries produce highly awarded wine, with many of them often rated at 90+ Points in various local and international wine reviews, and thus representing very good value for price.