Ronda Wine Tour

Despite Ronda's infancy as an enotourism destination, it has historical viniculture roots that date back thousands of years linked to the adeptly-named roman ruined city of Acinipo, meaning the 'city of wine - one of the few cities in the Roman Empire that made wine of such good quality that was exported back to Rome!

Malaga Wine Tour

Malaga in the Andalucian province of Spain is famed for sun, sea and sand but what many people don’t know is that it is also one of the oldest wine making regions in Spain traditionally producing a unique sweet wine made predominantly from Moscatel. However, on our Malaga Wine Tour you visit two boutique cellars producing great red blends from Cabernet & Syrah as well as dry, aromatic white wine from the same Moscatel grape!

Wine Tasting in Spain

Wine tasting is hugely popular in Spain but not easily accessible outside the most popular regions, even though Spain has more vineyards than any other country and is rapidly reflecting it’s rightful place as of the wine world’s most vibrant arenas with an abundance of good value and consistently high quality wines to be found. We are making all of our favourite places available for self-guided tastings. These trails are perfect for visitors with their own transport, and can be booked over one or even multiple-days.

Gourmet Experiences

At Tannin Trail, we want to not only promote the best wine in Spain, but the local produce as well! During 2018 we are introducing various gourmet experiences to complement our wine tours, from cheese, olive oil to craft beer, and even Iberian Jamon tours!

Tannins Explained

December 25, 2017