The effect of Covid-19, and the current state of emergency in Spain has changed tourism and the economy as we know it both in Spain, and across the globe.

Unlike previous single events which also directly impact tourism and travel, such as environmental disasters and terrorism, the effect of the current pandemic will have deeper and more compound consequences.

In the short-term, consumer anxiety about health & safety will normalise, along with a substantial economic losses and closures in the tourism sector. However, the following period will be driven by new consumer decisions and trends which will radically influence the transformation and recovery of the industry.

The majority of conventional tour operators and agencies that managed to survive the pandemic, but do not adapt to the new landscape will simply not survive in the longer term.

Here is where it changes.

These disruptive events have occurred twice during recent times, first during the .com bust of 2001-2002, and the financial meltdown of 2008.

Following each crisis, the relevant industries rebound with a radical digital metamorphosis effectively dismantling the existing traditional models.

For tourism, this means acting fast to forge new and digital experiences and services for evolved consumer drivers, just like the rapid digital change following 2002, and financial innovation following 2008.

Our strategy.

Tannin Trail is thinking creatively as a transformative digital tourism company how to develop new services and tools in order to pair friends & food, as well as drive collaboration with wineries and sommeliers.

The new mega drivers and virtual economics of tourism and travel will be dictated by health, climate, prosperity, authenticity and digital simplicity.

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Thank you.

Vanessa & Kelly
Co-founders, Tannin Trail.